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Mirfield Cricket Club History and Timeline

The 'old' Mirfield Cricket Club was formed around 1862 and played on 'the enclosure' the area now between Crowlees Road and Pinfold Lane. Before moving to Park Bottom, now known as The Memorial Park in 1895. The club was forced to disband in 1916 when the playing strength of the club was so low due to men serving in the Great War that they could not raise an eleven.

During the fifty four years of the 'old' clubs existence players such as Allen Hill (the first player to take a Test wicket) and the Yorkshire and England greats Wilfred Rhodes and George Herbert Hirst turned out for the club. In 1865 the club entertained an 'All England X1'.

The club as we know it was reformed by a group of local businessmen (John Hardy, Joe Burnhill and Colonel James Walker) in 1951 with the intention of playing in the Central Yorkshire League Division Two from 1952.

On 26 April 1952 club professional Tommy Hyland and Yorkshire and England cricketer Wilf Barber strode out to open the innings against Gomersal. The game resulted in a draw with Hurst Barber scoring the clubs first half century. The first season saw little success but the following season promotion was achieved and the second eleven won the Crowther Cup.

In 1956 George Curry scored the clubs first century. Between 1958-60 the club won the central Yorkshire League three years on the trot under the captaincy of Hurst Barber. This was followed up by Heavy Woollen Cup win in 1962 and  in 1963 the league and HW Cup double. In the '63 final Alan Mellor's 7 for 15 saw Batley bowled out for just 33. During this 'golden' period the clubs top performers were the 'Mirfield Twins' – Colin Peacock and Clive Brook.

The late 1960's and 1970's witnessed a slump in the clubs success yo-yoing between the first and second division. In 1979 the club won the second division under Clive Brook's captaincy.

In 1985 the pavilion was extended and improved. The season saw defeat in the Heavy Woollen Cup final (the first final for 22 years). All-rounder, Russell Heritage had joined the club and for the next five years he won the League bowling with his left arm spin.

In 1987 the first eleven were relegated but the second team were league runners up and lost the Crowther and Wheatley Cup finals. The following season a young Indian from Bombay, Iqbal Khan joined the club. Promotion was achieved and he won the League batting award.

1989 saw heartbreak on four fronts and the 'villains ' were Batley. The first eleven finished runners-up to Batley and then lost three Cup finals to them – the Heavy Woollen Cup, the Jack Hampshire Cup and the Yorkshire Council play-off final.

The following season experienced captain David Johnson joined the club as captain and led the club to it's second 'Double' as the league was won and Shepley were defeated by 80 runs in the Heavy Woollen final, Andy Bolt scoring 67 and Heritage and Johnson taking three wickets apiece.

The following season Iqbal  Khan became the first and only Mirfield to score a double century when he scored 201 not out at home to Ossett. His innings included 12 sixes and he moved from 150 to 200 in seven overs. In '91 the second eleven won the Wheatley Cup.

1994 Andy Bolt captained the side to it's first Jack Hampshire Cup win defeating Methley by one wicket as Eric Bell's secured victory with two leg byes.

By 1997 Heritage, Khan, Gelder, Johnson, Morritt and the Gledhill brothers had all left the club but a new star had arrived in spin bowler Mohammed Asif and a new captain David Jackson. Asif took a club record 9 for 28 verses Gildersome as the team were runners up in CYL Division One.

In 2000 Jackson led the team to a second Jack Hampshire Cup win and were runners up again. For the first time the Yorkshire Council play-off final was won. In the Jack Hampshire Ibby Latif scored 113 not out as Liversedge were beaten by six wickets. Wickersley were defeated by 30 runs in the Council final.

After 48 years the club left the CYL in 2001 and entered the Bradford League. The following year promotion to the highest level was achieved. In 2003 the Priestley Cup semi-finals were reached and the Heavy Woollen Cup won for the fourth time when Spen Victoria were beaten by eight wickets – captain Mark Fairburn taking 3 or 18 and scoring 44.

By the end of the 2004 season the bulk of the first eleven had left the club and very little progress had been made on the recruiting front. The committee bit the bullet and asked to leave the league. Steps were taken to ensure cricket still at Mirfield and the club joined the Huddersfield Central League at the same time merging with Harry Lime CC.

The first season of 2005 the first eleven clinched the Section B Championship losing just two games and two years later a runners up spot in Section A led to promotion to the Premier division.

In 2012 the club voted to rejoin the Central Yorkshire league and clinched promotion to Division One but the stay in the CYL was short lived as a move to the Drakes Huddersfield League was taken in 2016. Struggling to attract players possibly due to the travelling involved in the CYL it was decided to join the Huddersfield League for the first time.

The first team has struggled to get out of the Conference league but the second team achieved promotion in 2019 being runners up to Denby.

Year1st Team2nd Team
 1952MCC reformed after AGM in Black Bull

Join Central Yorkshire League
 19531st team Champions of Central Yorkshire League Div 2 2nd team winners of Crowther Cup
 19581st team Champions CYL Div One
 19591st team Champions CYL Div One-
 19601st team Champions CYL Div One -
 1962Heavy Woollen Cup winners-
 1963Heavy Woollen Cup winners-
 19671st team relegated
 19681st team Champions CYL Div Two-
 19711st team relegated-
 19721st team Champions CYL Div Two
 19761st team relegated-
 19791st team Champions CYL Div Two-
 1985Heavy Woollen Cup runners up-
 19871st team relegated 2nd team Crowther Cup & Wheatley Cup runner up
 19881st team Champions CYL Div Two-
 19891st team runners up in CYL, Heavy Woollen Cup, Jack Hampshire Cup and Yorkshire Council play off final-
 1990The Double' – CYL champions and Heavy Woollen -
 1991Iqbal Khan scores 201 not out v. Ossett (Club record)2nd team Wheatley Cup winners
 1993Jack Hampshire Cup runners up-
 1994Jack Hampshire Cup winners-
 1996-2nd team Crowther Cup runner up
 1997CYL Div One runners up

Mohammed Asif takes 9 for 28 v. Gildersome (Club record)
2nd team Wheatley Cup winners
 2000Jack Hampshire Cup winners & CYL Div One runners up

Yorkshire Council play off winners
 2001Join Bradford League

Div Two (Verity) runners up 
2nd team Div Two (Verity) Champions
 2002Div 2 - 3rd (promoted)-
 2003Heavy Woollen Cup winners-
 2005Club merges with Harry Lime CC

Joins Huddersfield Central League – Section B Champions
 2007Section A runner up – promoted to Premier2nd team Section D runners up – promoted
 2009Relegated to Section A-
 2012Rejoin the Central Yorkshire League

Div 2 - 3rd promoted
 2016Join Drakes Huddersfield League-
 20192nd team promoted


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