Mirfield CC Clubhouse

Opening Fixtures Postponed

Release Date:16th April 2018

Having visited several grounds, and listened to the concerns of many clubs, who due to the extreme weather have been unable to carry out the necessary preparation on their cricket fields, it has been decided to postpone ALL League and Preliminary Round Cup fixtures scheduled for Saturday 21st April and Sunday 22nd April.

It may be that weather conditions improve next week, but in postponing theses fixtures at this early stage we believe that this will prevent any unnecessary damage to cricket fields, with groundsmen striving to prepare for games on grounds which have been subjected to an unprecedented amount of snow and rain in recent weeks.

There may well be some clubs where play could place next weekend, but we feel that the vast majority of grounds will either still be unfit, or at best totally underprepared.

An announcement will be made shortly as to the rescheduling of the League Programme (Saturday 21st April) whilst the preliminary cup round will now take place on Sunday 29th April, where a result MUST be achieved on the day.